Posted by: casaisabellaspainblog | October 15, 2011

Walking in the sierra de las nieves

There are more than 30 hiking trails in the Sierra de las Nieves park  for public use. These trails cover a wide variety of distances and difficulties so that you can choose the most suitable for you .We have a good selection of maps and information in the house.

There are many beautiful walks around and in the mountains of the sierras from the village of El Burgo,  where you can walk alongside the river Turron before ascending to the top of a beautiful central ridge between 2 valleys which give amazing views to both sides, if you are lucky you can see wild boar and goats. As the ridge ends you descend to the river once again and return to El Burgo past some wonderful dams and rock pools  surrounded by wild flowers in springtime.

 One of these is a challenging walk which takes you up to the summit of Torrecilla. This walk takes about 2 hours for the ascent and one hour for the return. Most of the way uses paths intended for  the park rangers. This means that the path is easy underfoot and it is not really possible to get lost. This walk is highly recommended.

 Another beautiful village in the park is Casarabonela.  After exploring this lovely Moorish village you climb through forests where bee eaters fly overhead and camomile and thyme grow at the side of the track. Once you reach a high track you have views all the way to the Mediterranean then walk to the village of Jorox past the cut faces of working marble quarries.

Yunquera is a 15 min drive from El burgo and takes you into the unique Pinsapo forest, the reason for the creation of the Natural Park. Begin by walking through grape and sweet chestnut and past ancient lime kilns, before entering the pine forest itself.

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